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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

LCpl Shane Swanberg, one of our own

I wrote the following poem as a tribute to LCpl Shane Swanberg who died Sept. 15, 2005 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq ... protecting our freedom and the freedom of the Iraqis. It is my humble attempt to show respect to Shane. May God Be with Shanes's family and all of the 3/7 as we all grieve for this lost hero.

Semper Fidelis and God Bless


Tribute to LCpl. Shane Swanberg

Tall and proud, we know these men.
They seek and serve to protect our land.
Paying the cost of freedom for each of us.
Sometimes that price is so unjust.

For each one taken before his time.
Leaves a heartbroken family somewhere behind.
Our young Marines, though they are the best.
Still we lose too many to eternal rest.

With each young life that ends too soon
All Marines and their families, we feel it too.
The loss of a true hero, everyone should feel
But for all of us it is much too real.

They gave their lives up for a cause.
Our freedom they bought without a pause.
They stand for honor and for the truth.
These are truly the heroes of our youth.

As we come together, as kith and kin
Beside each other we all must stand
Each Marine is family to one and all.
It breaks our hearts to have one fall.

The Marines fight on to right each wrong
And face each day with the Marine Hymn song.
When they step out to stem that mounting tide.
Angels in Dress Blues walk by their side.

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