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Tuesday, December 13, 2005



I have spent several days debating the best way to honor and pay tribute to our lost Marine, Cpl Joe Bier. I have had the pleasure of knowing his mother as she is an integral part of our group, Dandelion Sisters. This group is an accumulation of family members (mostly moms) of the Marines in 3rd Battlaion, 7th Marines so our sons know, protect and work with each other.

The loss of Cpl Joe hit me hard. I have heard how many of our guys loved him and I know the whole of 3/7 is mourning with his family the loss of this fine, loving young man. I decided that the best way to pay tribute to Joe was to let you know how loving his whole family is.

First, a poem that I wrote, that I hope shows what Joe meant to his family. He and his family are all truly showing us a lesson that I wish we would take to heart:

The Lesson

I held you in my arms,
Such a short time it seemed
So helpless, needing me,
Bright eyes that were so keen
You took in all the world,
The sights that were so new.
So warm and full of life,
My heart filled with love for you
You touched my life with all
The precious things you bought
Not in the world around, but in you,
I found the things I sought.
But the Angels must have missed
Your warm and loving heart,
For God came and took you back,
And now we are apart.
One day in the future,
Upon you again I shall look
God will take me home,
As you He came and took.
Till then I will use
All the gifts you gave to me.
The love that filled my heart,
New sights through your eyes I see.
For my son you were a miracle,
Though such a short time you stayed
You taught me to believe,
Such a difference that you made.
In God you found no fear,
In Him you put your trust.
I know you are living by His side,
With your soul that is so just.
And when the day will come,
That I will go to God
Your lessons that I learned and lived,
He will look at me and nod.
Walk with me now my son,
Take my hand in yours
In everlasting joy,
Through the sand of endless shores.

- written by Marine Mom

Joe’s father, Wayne wrote something that I want to share in Joe’s honor.

By Wayne Bier

Joseph Phillip Bier
Born 10-1-1983
Died 12-7-2005

Joe died while serving his country as a United States Marine in Ramadi, Iraq. Joe was a challenging child to raise because he was always trying to live to his potentials and occasionally beyond them.

He makes me ask myself, "What am I doing? What should I be doing? Am I fulfilling my God-given life?"

I spoke to his recruiter an hour ago and reminded him to live in joy and fullness. Few men live a life they love and die doing what they love among friends and brothers they love.

We have been overwhelmed by friends and family (made by Joe – our Marine family). We have much to be thankful for as Americans and parents: a family with two Marines (Joe's brother Dan is also in the Corps). We have been adopted by this fine community.

America, you owe so much to your service men and women. It is a small community with which we have been blessed. Our nation would not exist without these fine people and the sacrifices they have made for us over the last couple of centuries.

I ask all of you to support our troops and their families left behind. These people live in your communities.

I ask that you all view life with joy and exuberance; live fully; thank God daily and look forwards always.

Turn from evil and support our freedom and the well being of our neighbors here, in Iraq and elsewhere. We are Americans and that is what we have done well and will continue to do so to the honor of our past and present citizens.

A story:
About five months ago Joe called and asked, "Should I re-enlist? My Gunny has papers!"

I told him he should talk to God for guidance. I told Joe he should ask himself; did he love what he was doing? Would he rather be selling produce at Safeway (my job for 25 years)

Three days later he called back with great enthusiasm and said, "Dad – I love what I am doing."

In Ramadi, Iraq, on the 230th birthday celebration of the Marine Corps, (it's a Marine thing) Joe was sworn in to his second enlistment – a wonderful and proud moment.

Gone to be with his maker, we wait the day when we too will be with our Lord and be reunited with our departed ones in the Lord.

Proud dad,
Wayne Bier

And Joe’s mother Carol, who is an inspiration to us all in the Dandelion Sisters recently sent us this loving note. Carol, you left me speechless, thank you so much for being the loving person you are.

Good morning, dear ones -
A few hours after we got the news about Joe, I went to the window and unplugged his deployment candle. My husband asked me if that was hard -but, you know? It really wasn't....

Saturday I plugged it back in. I will leave it shining 'til all your sons come home and it will be a reminder to pray for them and you, daily.

Some Gold Star parents came to our house yesterday. Incredible people. We learned that at homecoming, after the guys have had a bit of time, there is a memorial service for their comrades that have been lost. We will be going to that. And we will thank your sons for their service as we remember ours and his.

God bless you all,


My heartfelt prayers, sympathy and thanks go out to the family of Cpl. Joe Bier. And thank you once again Joe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

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