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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Still here and still kicking ...

It's been way too long.  When Spaces on MSN closed down I tried to move all my content over here but I know I couldn't get it all.  There are a lot of lost blog posts hanging out there somewhere. 

Eric is still suffering the lingering effects of PTSD and still living with me. He is a lot better than he was in those early days but I have come to realize that the boy I sent to the Marine Corps in 2004 is gone forever.  We all change as we grow older but this is a loss that I will be dealing with till the day I die. I am hopeful that he will be able to live his life normally some day but it may be a long time coming.

He pretty much gave up with the treatment he was receiving at the VA and he is now attending monthly group meetings with others who are suffering from the effects that war has had on them. It actually seems to be helping but days still go by where he is so anxious that he doesn't sleep and he is uncomfortable being around anyone. 

As for me, my days go by full of work, friends, and thoughts that I really need to start writing down again. I still have the desire to actually write, now if I can force myself to take the time to do it. 

I am just so tired. It really sucks getting old!

For those of you wondering about little 'nugget'.  He was a boy and he is 5 years old now.  Even though he still lives far away, I love the little guy with all my heart.  Thank goodness for Skype!

He is definitely a little Eric.  Pics show that!

Love me some Landon!
About six months or so after Eric and Patty split up, Eric got involved with another woman who ended up having another son. Unfortunately, because he was so messed up in the head at the time, he didn't do well in picking her. She got into meth, screwed around on him, and he broke up with her. Last December, we got the news that she had a child by Eric. Another little boy a year and half old when Eric found out. The paternity test confirmed it. She had not had custody of him since he was born and he had been in foster care all that time (thank goodness the family really cared for him). She ended up giving up her rights to him and since Eric is in no position to care for him, Eric's dad and step-mom stepped in and set about adopting the little guy. I am eternally grateful to them for doing this. Eric's youngest son's name is Warren and we sincerely hope that someday, he and Landon will meet. Warren only lives about 2 1/2 hours away so I can see him more often and they bring him over to see Eric every once in a while. As he gets older, I hope to see a lot more of him.
Me and Warren (his 2nd birthday party)
I will try to go over all the changes we have been through soon. I need to write again. It's one thing that centers me and I do enjoy it. Maybe one day that book I want to write will just come out!
God bless you all.

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