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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Well ... the guys are in Iraq again and I am trying to decide how I am going to handle it this time. I know that where they are at is safer than it was last time he was there but nowhere in Iraq is exactly safe these days.

Thanks to my Marine family I got links to pics taken by the Maine Troop Greeters. This a wonderful group of people that meet and thank our Marines as they pass through Maine on their way to and from depolyments overseas. They also take pictures of all the Marines they can. I found three of Eric when he passed through Marine. Thank you so much Maine Troop Greeters for being there for our military and their families!

Arriving in Maine for their layover before heading to Germany. It breaks my
heart to see them doing this. They are all SO YOUNG.

Typical Eric expression on being surprised with a camera :)

Now this is just typical Eric period lol. I am glad he has buddies
like this with him if he has to go over there.I know the last name of the other
young man but I don't know his first. So he shall remain 'unidentified buddy' here.


I have a lot of other stuff I wanted to cover lately but I just find myself lacking the energy to sit down and blog. I have gotten the entry for LCpl Klay South's Veterans of Valor organization almost done though. Will be posting that and more information about Klay here soon. He's a remarkable young man and I think he will do more for our wounded Marines than anyone has in a long time. Thank you to Klay and his family for what they are doing. I promise I will cover that before the week is over!

I also attended the Kokomo, IN Support The Troops motorcycle ride this past weekend. The people in central and northern Indiana are just awesome in their support of our Troops. It was a 75 mile ride and all the way along it there were people waving flags and cheering. Several times (espesically in light of Eric leaving for Iraq again) I had to fight back tears so I could see to ride my bike! I want to thank all the people that made that ride one of the best I have been on, including the Vets and other friends that I rode with.

Yes, that's me ready to roll. You can see some of my friends behind me there.This just shows a small portion of the bikes and people that rode to show their support for our Troops. There were well over a thousand bikes -- OORAH!

For now, this Marine mom is out.

Semper Fi and God bless all our troops and you.

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