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Friday, October 27, 2006

Many of my readers may wonder why I haven't been posting much lately. Due to time constrants and the difficulty of getting Spaces to load on a dial-up (which is all I have at home) is, I must admit, only part of the reason. I have tried consistently to just support our troops and their families here. Unfortunately if I write anything, my feelings of betrayal by our present administration comes out in full force. I feel like I need to address this at times. This is going to be one of these times.

I read a post from a Marine mom on her blog, Blue Inkblots, that I really think everyone should read. I have independantly read the articles and items she refers to in her blog and I feel it is as close to the truth as you can get. Just so you get an idea of where my mindframe is ... read my response to what she wrote in its entirety:


To Deanie from me: I thought your son should be home by now, I am thankful that he is safe (for now) and saying a prayer for his peace of mind (and yours).

Facing the impending return to Iraq of my son's battalion next spring, I have to say that this post has probably hit home with me more than anything else I have read recently (and seeing it all pulled together here, made more sense). I am dreading having my son and my friends' sons going back to the nest of vipers that Iraq has become.

Even though on my blog I intentially tried to stay away from the political ramifications of this ridiculous excuse of a war brought on by power-hungry greedy men that care little for the fate of our country and focus on supporting our troops (which is why posts are few and far between lately, my feelings of betrayal by our government are BOUND to come out in my blog), I feel like I can no longer deny my feelings and I may start writing again on it. I KNOW I am going to post a link to your blog here in my main blog. People NEED to read this.

Thanks for saying what so many of us have tried not to think about Deanie.

And give your son a hug from this Marine mom.

Semper fi and hugs to you,


Now ... if you are willing to face reality (and even if you are NOT). Its important to go and read Deanie's entry in her blog. Click the title below:


Semper Fi and may God bless us all.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Below is the link to an informative letter written and sent home to his family and friends from a Marine officer. He wanted to remain anonymous but allowed the Time website to publish the letter. This letter sounds a lot like what Eric has told me about his tour of duty there. The Marines he mentions waiting to go home all packed quite possibly could have been Eric’s battalion. Reading this gave me goosebumps knowing that Eric was in Ramadi at the times this officer was writing about.
In any case I wanted all my readers to have the chance to read it too so …

The Secret Letter From Iraq

A Marine's letter home, with its frank description of life in "Dante's inferno," has been circulating through generals' in-boxes. We publish it here with the author's approval. Click here to read the letter from the Time’s website.

Semper Fi and God Bless you all and our military.


Friday, October 06, 2006

So sorry I haven't kept all my loyal readers updated but I can't log into Spaces at home anymore (stuck in the dark ages with dial-up in the country arggghhhhh) and I have been super busy at work with computer problems so not even much time at lunch to pop in here! I promise to try harder though especially with all the new things going on.

First ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear son, LCpl Eric who turned 22 a couple days ago! He lost the cell phone he JUST got a few weeks ago (or it was stolen) so I couldn't call him but lucky for me he called ME hehe! He has been a lot better about calling since he and his beautiful girlfriend Patty hooked up, thank you Patty :). He and his buds went out for a night on the town for his birthday, I think they kind of got him lit up a bit. Or so it sounded when he called my house at 3:30am (12:30am his time) to tell me that it was his birthday and WHY didn't I answer the phone LOL (umm ... it was 3:30am OKAY !! ).

Second ... my family is growing. Not only do I continue to gain Marine family but ... Eric asked Patty to marry him and the silly girl said YES! I am glad, they seem to be meant for one another and her family (who live in CA) treat Eric and love Eric like a son already. I am so glad he has someone like that for him out there so far from his family here in Indiana. It lightens my heart at least a little although we all mis like crazy everyday. So .. I can't take a vacation till next February, but they are going to wait till I can come out there to have the wedding, they are good kids!

For now, other that thinking our country needs some serious house-cleaning lately, that is all that is going on with me. Will try to keep you all posted on the doings of Eric and his family a bit better but for now, take care all.

Semper Fidelis and God Bless you all.

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