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Monday, October 16, 2006

Below is the link to an informative letter written and sent home to his family and friends from a Marine officer. He wanted to remain anonymous but allowed the Time website to publish the letter. This letter sounds a lot like what Eric has told me about his tour of duty there. The Marines he mentions waiting to go home all packed quite possibly could have been Eric’s battalion. Reading this gave me goosebumps knowing that Eric was in Ramadi at the times this officer was writing about.
In any case I wanted all my readers to have the chance to read it too so …

The Secret Letter From Iraq

A Marine's letter home, with its frank description of life in "Dante's inferno," has been circulating through generals' in-boxes. We publish it here with the author's approval. Click here to read the letter from the Time’s website.

Semper Fi and God Bless you all and our military.

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Thanks so much for the link. I read the letter and loved it! This Marine covered things in a unique way. His honesty is touching. He did an excellent job in his writing. I'm glad Time ran the letter and I'm glad you posted the link.
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