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Friday, October 06, 2006

So sorry I haven't kept all my loyal readers updated but I can't log into Spaces at home anymore (stuck in the dark ages with dial-up in the country arggghhhhh) and I have been super busy at work with computer problems so not even much time at lunch to pop in here! I promise to try harder though especially with all the new things going on.

First ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear son, LCpl Eric who turned 22 a couple days ago! He lost the cell phone he JUST got a few weeks ago (or it was stolen) so I couldn't call him but lucky for me he called ME hehe! He has been a lot better about calling since he and his beautiful girlfriend Patty hooked up, thank you Patty :). He and his buds went out for a night on the town for his birthday, I think they kind of got him lit up a bit. Or so it sounded when he called my house at 3:30am (12:30am his time) to tell me that it was his birthday and WHY didn't I answer the phone LOL (umm ... it was 3:30am OKAY !! ).

Second ... my family is growing. Not only do I continue to gain Marine family but ... Eric asked Patty to marry him and the silly girl said YES! I am glad, they seem to be meant for one another and her family (who live in CA) treat Eric and love Eric like a son already. I am so glad he has someone like that for him out there so far from his family here in Indiana. It lightens my heart at least a little although we all mis like crazy everyday. So .. I can't take a vacation till next February, but they are going to wait till I can come out there to have the wedding, they are good kids!

For now, other that thinking our country needs some serious house-cleaning lately, that is all that is going on with me. Will try to keep you all posted on the doings of Eric and his family a bit better but for now, take care all.

Semper Fidelis and God Bless you all.

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Congratulations on your son's engagement! I can feel your enthusiasm, MM. You're beaming! :-)

(I didn't realize that your son and mine were nearly the same age.)
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