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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

He Called !!

WOOHOO and OOHRAHH .. Eric finally called me after almost four LONG weeks without hearing his sweet voice. He is doing fine and not needing much at the moment, but then again he always was too easy to please.

He did say that he had read all the books there that he could get his hands on during his free time and that he needed more for something to do during downtime. The only things he did ask me for were thinner white socks (the heavy black ones they get are very HOT) and the books.

The food is good and they are working very hard, patrolling a lot. I really can't say as much here as I would like to, but he seems to be settled in well and not too stressed. But then again this is the guy that thinks having a bullet ricochet off his head (which btw the way knocked him out) was ... ummm ... cool. You can read that story by clicking the link below if you want to.


Anyway, I try NOT to worry about him, say a lot of prayers for him and his fire team and the whole battalion and the rest of the Marines and their families, and well .. you get the idea lol.

Not much time to post this week though because my daughter, Crystal, is getting married Saturday! Eric is so unhappy that he is going to miss that :(, so are we but life goes on. I think Eric is almost as unhappy that he is turning 21 in Iraq though. That I will elaborate more on later, let's just say that when they are in-country (Iraq) that drinking is NOT allowed.

Since I am going on so much here now I might as well add the rest. Eric asked me if I knew that he had given me power-of-attorney so that I could use money out of his bank account. Now we had never discussed this because he didn't have any monthly bills that needed paid so I didn't think it was necessary. I told him that I wanted to be there when they came home (for Homecoming, its a BIG Deal and I could meet the Marines with him and their families) depending on how much advance notice we got. He said that if I needed to, use the money out of his account to come. Now I don't know about most people, but this is the FIRST time one of my kids ever offered me money! Will wonders never cease !! 'Course Eric is and always has been a sweet guy. I will finance my own trip though because Lord knows, that boy is earning his money right now!

Semper Fidelis and God Bless you all.

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Your Eric sounds like quite a guy.
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