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Friday, October 14, 2005

Good and bad will sometimes collide in our lives. That's pretty much the way the last few days are for me.

The good is that Eric called me and we talked for about 45 minutes. He was offically promoted to PFC now (I remembered to ask him) so OORAH Eric!! He should be going up to Lance Corporal within a couple of months if they don't lose his paperwork this time!!

He actually said he is having a blast (his words) there using his training. Everyone but him was in the hooch sleeping but all in all he sounded great! That makes me feel so much better. Also, he did buy a PSP before he left and he has it, although he only has one game for it so that makes it a lot easier for me because all I have to do is buy him games. Other than that and books he really said he doesn’t need much. I have been trying to figure out a way to buy one (PSP) for him so at least I don't have to worry about that at the moment.

I told him about one of the moms I have talked with on the phone and who her son is (they are in the same platoon) and he said "Ohhh .. her son is a squad leader" and he was going to go to Will and tell him that "My mom talks to your mom haha" lol. He is so silly.

He also wants me to say a BIG HUGE thank you to everyone that sent him a birthday card and/or message. Some of them are handwritten and he said that getting those cards and letters is so great he just loves them, but there is so many he can't answer them all personally.

While we were talking I heard a couple of bangs and he said "Ooo that isn’t good" and I was like what was that? He said someone was shooting rifles somewhere, probably just having a good time (yeah right, sure I believe that uh-huh). He was telling me that when he got back he would probably jump at every pop or bang he hears of course. He said a while back a jet flew over the camp real low and he thought was hilarious because they heard a 'whoosh' and he said everyone in the whole camp hit the ground fast. Sometimes I wonder about this boy!! The sound of the rifles shooting had brought him to his knees. Like I told him, fast reflexes are liable to help keep you guys alive sometime so they are a good thing!

I could go on and on .. but I just wanted everyone to know that he called. I told him we were all praying specially for them this weekend with the elections in Iraq coming up tomorrow. He, in an offhand kind of way, confirmed that we do need to keep them in our prayers, especially through this weekend.

LOL .. I also told him that I met and got a hug from LT.Gen (rt) Mutter at the Indy 'Support Our Troops Rally' I attended Sunday and he said "ooooo … you know, you could make friends and cozy up to her and then maybe I could get a little extra boost or help in the Marines" , you had to hear the way he said it .. he had me cracking up. He was kind of disappointed when I told him she was retired LOL.

Now the bad. We lost another young man out of Eric's company. I will be putting a tribute to him up here sometime this weekend. Please pray for the family of Lance Cpl. Sergio H. Escobar, 18, of Pasadena, Calif. who we lost to an IED on Oct. 9

Semper Fi and God Bless you all.

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Congrats to Eric!!
I'm sorry to hear about the fallen soldier. Prayers definitely going out for his family ~
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