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Monday, October 31, 2005

I love Halloween. I spent many years dressing up and going trick-or-treating WITH my kids! I remember my daughter when she was about 13 or 14 thinking I was a nut and telling me that I was embarassing her LOL. Oh well, I liked to go too! But Eric always liked it when I went with them. I really miss doing that. Maybe one day I will have some grandkids to take trick-or-treating with me so I can dress up with them again, that is until I start to embarass them HAHA. Yes I am just a big kid at heart!

I have a true ghost story to tell today in honor of Halloween. Most of my family has heard this story at least once and everytime I even think about it I get goosebumps. There are unexplainable things that happen and I did live through one. Without further ado .. here is my ghost story.

I lived in Tennessee many years ago in an apartment complex that was converted from an older building in southwestern Tennessee. As a matter of face, that apartment building was where I met Eric and Crystal's father who I married about a year later. Anyways, I shared an apartment at that time with an old friend from the midwestern town we both grew up in. About 4 or 5 others from our old crowd had joined us there in the same town and spent a lot of time in that 2 bedroom apartment with us just hanging out like we did back in Indiana.

They kept trying to convince me that the place was haunted. Now these were people I had known for quite some time and they KNEW that it was not an easy thing to fool me, but I thought that was what they were trying to do. I admit there were a few odd things happening, but nothing that you couldn't explain away with a little applied science. Things like strange noises in the walls (from the apartment next door?) that sounded like pool balls clacking together. I heard these also when we KNEW there was no one next door. I just wrote them off as being from the old building settling. All the light bulbs in the ceiling would work loose. Not over a long period of time but in just a couple of days. You would have to go around and twist them all back in. Well, another settling issue? It was weird but not a ghost surely! Then the fellow that I shared the apartment with had an unsettling experience. I know him well enough that he was indeed freaked out. He was fixing the door handle on the front door and had it all apart on the floor. Went out to his car to get a tool and when he came back, the darn thing was all the way back together and worked fine. It was maybe a five minute trip out to the parking lot to get the tool. I believed he THOUGHT that was what happened but it made me worry about him. I ended up that night telling him just before he left for work that I was afraid he was crazy if he actually thought a ghost put a door handle back together LOL. Yes I was laughing at the so-called ghost. Well, he went on to work and I settled in the tub for a long hot bath. While I was leaning back in the tub I heard .. drip ... drip .. drip. So I sat up and looked at the floor and saw water dripping onto the floor where a small puddle had accumulated. So I looked up at the ceiling to see what was leaking. No leak. So as my eyes traveled back down to the puddle of water I actually saw a drop FORM in the middle of the air about 4 feet off the ground and drop into the puddle. I continued to watch and sure enough, water drops were forming ON THEIR OWN in the middle of the room and dropping into that puddle.

OMG .. I was FREAKED .. I got out of the tub, all the time apologizing to the ghost for doubting his existence and edged around that puddle, put on my clothes and left that place!! I didn't spend a single night there alone again before I moved out. It still gives me the creeps to think about it. There was NO scientific explanation for what I SAW with my own eyes that night.

There were a couple of other things that happened there before I moved that I refuse to talk about to this day. But I didn't stay there much longer.

I later did a little research and found out that the building was converted into apartments from an old bar/pool hall that was located in a rather bad part of town at that time. There were several murders committed in it, everyone that went there came armed until it was shut down by the city.

Do I believe in ghosts now? You bet your fanny I do and I try hard not to make any of them I might encounter MAD hahaha

So HAPPY HALLOWEEN and Semper Fi and God Bless us all!

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