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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I truly wish I understood why some people that are opposed to the US and allies occupation of Iraq at the moment feel that they can impose their ideals on the families of the military and have us embrace what they say without a thought in our heads? It seems that someone who I will not name has been going to the military wives and trying to impose just such ideas upon them. And not being very nice about it either. Now... if someone came to you and told you that your husband, or son, or daughter was a killer and doing so without thought of how that is affecting the people they are supposedly killing, how would you react? Why I would hope, if you knew the person they were accusing as a good, loving, kind and patriotic person, that you would defend them.

That is presicely what is happening.

And why is it that just because someone, mainly myself, who supports our troops by sending them packages from home and letters and encouragement that they will make it through this ordeal alive and come home to their families is branded a 'Bush supporter'? Have I ever on this blog deemed myself so? Have I ever led anyone to believe that I think the Bush administration was right in using their defunk 'WMD theory' to invade Iraq? I have made several friends amoung Iraqis that use the web to communicate and yes, I have, on my own, come to the conclusion that Saddam Hussein was a sadistic leader. I decided this with the help of the Iraqis I talk to that feel his downfall was the best thing that could have happened. But that doesn't mean that I want us to remain in Iraq. I want my son HOME. But many many Marines that I talk to tell me that if they leave now, its with a job half done and Iraq will fall into civil war and probably end up with another sadistic leader who would put Saddam's exploits to shame. The Marines, at least, want to finish what was started, whether or not they feel it is right to stay there. They (the Marines) do talk to the Iraqi troops, who do you think is training them?

Now of course, everyone has their own opinion on things and I believe in the right to freedom of speech, therefore opinion away. But if you leave opinions on someone's blog it is also their right to delete them. And if they delete them, why go back and leave more? Its like spitting in the wind. You are spitting in the wrong direction!

In any case it is very seldom (or actually never) that I comment on opinions that I have decided to delete, I actually delete very few. But when someone is attacking my friends you better believe that I will stand up for them and support them. If you don't like us .. just go away .. and bug the people that maybe can change whatever it is that you think is wrong with the world. Neither I, nor the women and children waiting patiently and hopefully for their family members to return to them safely, need the grief right now. We have enough of our own.

I did make the erroneous statement to go pick on Bush supporters, in that maybe I was not thinking clearly. Many of these wives and families do support Bush in that he is our president and therefore, in some people's eyes if you respect your country you have to support him. In that sense I guess I do support him because I have to say that I PRAY daily that he will make the right choices because for now, I am stuck with him.

But the whole gist of the matter is, if you post a comment on someone's blog and they delete it, be kind enough to NOT go back and post more. Live and let live, obviously you are not going to change their minds.

Thank you, God Bless and Semper Fi.

NOTE: The same woman left a comment here again on my spaces blog (check the link to the right to read it). It is there to read and I think it speaks for itself. At least she didn't accuse my son of being a killer like she did on the military wives sites. I particularly love this and I quote from her comment. [If they truelly are good soldiers then they should perhaps go after the real enemy.] Our soldiers are taught to follow orders, thus that is what they do. Not much choice there. In a perfect world maybe war wouldn't be neccesary. But since little Miss University is not religious (i.e. doesn't believe in God?) she won't be there to see the 'Perfect World' when it does come. Ohh the humanity!!

In any case let's presume that the USA and allies DID pull out of Iraq. Do you honestly believe all the insurgents, who by the way, for the most part are not Iraqis, are going to leave and quit killing honest Iraqis that simply want to live a free life? You do realize that most of the people being killed in Iraq are not Americans right? They are Iraqi. Now what could these insurgents want? Could it be oil? Hmmm .. btw ... I don't see where America is benefiting from Iraqi oil. Last time I bought gas it was almost twice as much as it was last year this time. Interesting huh? Also, because the aforementioned lady believes she is better (umm, smarter?) than someone that hasn't been to college, most of us that actually do use what brains we have know that it doesn't take intelligence to graduate from any college anywhere. When I was there, there were a LOT of dumb people passing their classes, for the life of me I don't know how! Okay .. I promise I am done ranting myself. Sorry but sometimes you just have to state the obvious.

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