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Monday, October 03, 2005

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Jim _______ :

Well ... my daughter is now a Mrs. I wouldn't say the wedding went off without a hitch (hehe) but it was almost perfect besides the fact that her younger brother couldn't be there (we MISSED YOU Eric!)! His picture though had the honor of being in the front row during the ceremony. Anyway at least noone fainted, fell or totally forgot what to do! The one thing that didn't go perfect was that when the pastor started to ask Jim and Crystal to recite their vows, he called her CHERYL .. ARGH ! That's Jim's mother's name lol. Well, he kept going for a second, then he looked at his notes and he said, "oh no, I'm so sorry ... CRYSTAL. That's what the look meant. Well, we can't have Jim agreeing to these vows with his mother now can we!"

And he started from the top. At which everyone got a good laugh and the pastor got her name right hehe. Now when Crsytal gives you 'the look' you had better figure something is wrong! Her eyes get HUGE when she does that lol.

And yes .. she is a lot taller than her new hubby! But he likes it hehe.

I hope you enjoy the pics. I will post an album later but for now I will cover the highlights.

Be sure to check out the little video short clip in the media player today (available only on my MSN Spaces Blog, see link to the right)! And hope that your wedding day isn't like that one LOL. Its called 'The Lost Wedding Ring". I figured we needed some humor here for a change!

The Happy Couple

Ohh .. Wedding Reception Fun (with an open bar!) BTW, the guy that caught the bride's garter (wearing it on his head in this pic) is Crystal's cousin, Wes .. he is still looking for the 'right girl'!

We missed Eric a LOT here at the wedding. You can tell from the look on Crystal's face that she wanted her little brother with her on this happy day. It was about the only thing that marred the celebration. That's Crystal and Eric's big brother Jason on the right. And of course cousin Wes on the left.

Today is Eric's 21st birthday too. I wish you a very SAFE birthday my son. We will just have to celebrate when you get home .

Semper Fi and God Bless.

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