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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. Its been an amazing week with overwhelmingly supportive comments for our military here (ON MY MSN SPACES MIRROR BLOG) and for that I sincerely thank everyone that took a little bit of time out of their busy day to write those comments. Of course there are always the dissenters but our military fights for THEIR right to free speech too so those few comments that did not show support of our military remain here too. The only time I will ever actually delete a comment is if it is rude and profane both OR if it is just insults and has no bearing on what is blogged here. Profanity I will not tolerate here so to those few 'dissenters' or people that just don't like what, with my right to freedom of speech, I write here ... keep it clean and your opinion will remain.

For those of you that visit, please be sure to visit the link above to other military related blogs. Notably the blogs of those that I have really come to see as friends here: Aron, an army wife awating her husband's safe return from Iraq (woohoo, less than a month to go!) and my honorary daughter; GuinnessWench at Area 51, a very interesting retired Marine who loves the show LOST (check her blog for great updates and info on LOST); Ben at Ben's Coffeehouse (who is also one of MSN's Best of) and Boomer (ongoing Oceanfront construction here -- very Cool). There are many other people here in Spaces that I am getting to know that I appreciate very much, too many to list them all but check out their links too!

NOTE: WarriorJason, one of our favorite Marine bloggers currently in Iraq is back! He had to shut down his blog (which unfortunately he deleted) but he got the okay from his commander to keep on blogging (as long as he doesn't violate OpSec!). So he is back blogging at a new address. http://warriorjason.blogspot.com/ . Check him out!

Well .. soon I am off to my grandmother's for Thanksgiving dinner. I have a video camera that I am going to tape everything and everyone with at Thanksgiving so I can burn a DVD to send to Eric who we will miss very much this Thanksgiving and Christmas. But you all have a safe and warm holiday and find a soldier to
send a care package to, you have no idea how much they will appreciate it! For those of you with Marine leanings ... you can send a care package to a Marine. Let them know you are thankful for what they volunteer to do for all of us.

Semper Fidelis and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Thank you for the support as well as for the plug. Obviously, I have lost many of my readers since I shut my old site down. However, I believe you have helped me out. Once again thank you for your support.
Marine Mom,

What are the chances that I would find the same blog you were looking for! Like a needle in the internet haystack! I'm so glad you two have reunited!!

Happy Thanksgiving.
His blog is gone again!
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