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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The Marine family network you end up being involved in when you have a child or family member in the Marines, especially deployed, has its up and downs. Its amazing the number of people you meet and start caring about. Their Marines become YOUR Marines. We become an extended family that unfortunately has MANY members in dangerous situations. But we are there for each other through the good and the bad. These groups have answered so many questions I have had many times. If I need to talk, I know that there are Marine moms a phone call away that are willing to listen and try to help. I thank each and every one of these wonderful people for the caring and support they show each other, our Marines, and me.

I belong to two groups that I keep in contact with on an almost daily basis. One is the Dandelion Sisters which is an online group dedicated to helping and supporting the family members of my son's battalion. It helps keep us all updated on what is going on specifically with our own battalion. This group laughs, cries and mourns together as the need arises. I hope to make many lifelong friends from this group who live all over the country and the world.

My other main support group is a local group which meets at a town about 25 miles from me once a month. I have bonded with these people. Our Marines are all over the world serving their country but we have many of the same problems and we help each other and our Marines the best we can. We all got together last Saturday, did a video Christmas card for our various Marines and then packed care packages for them all, stateside and deployed. We had a wonderful time as we always do and came away feeling that we are there for each other.

This past weekend Indiana lost another young Marine to the Iraqi conflict. Lance Cpl. Scott Zubowski, 20, died after a roadside bomb exploded beneath his military vehicle near Fallujah, in Iraq's Al Anbar province. He is survived by his wife (he was just married December 18, 2004), Klancey, his mother Barb Weitzel of New Castle, his father Richard Zubowski of North Manchester and two older brothers, Brian of Huntington and David who is also with the Marine Corps, serving in Iraq. The mom had one question when she answered the door to see two uniformed Marines standing there -- "Which one?" My prayers are with this family and I plan on attending the services for this brave young Marine who died too young.

As the various Marine support groups in Indiana rallied to begin making condolence books for the family, with emails flying, I found out that one of the young wives we had in my local group whose husband is serving in Al Asad, Iraq knew Scott and his wife, Klancey and another of our Marine mom's son who is in the 2/7 was with Scott just before he died. Our local group (most of us live less than an hour from Scott's father) immediately begin making the plans to complete the condolence books and attend the services. We aren't sure yet where they will be held although since his father and his wife both live in the North Manchester area we are assuming they will be held there. This will be the first such service I have had to attend. I feel the need to be there to support his young man's family and be with my fellow Marine family members.

This is one of the sad duties that accompanies having an extended network of friends involved with the Marines one way or another. But we have to support each other and our Marines in the best way that we can.

The young wife in our group, Ashley, sent an email to us all, I wanted to share just a part of it since it emcompasses the feelings that we have when we lose a Marine. I will post it here if I get her permission. Her overwhelming question was though ... what do I say? What do I say to Klancey? She knows Klancey fairly well and when Ashley decided to marry Bryce, Klancey had said to her "Ashley, think it over before you do, you don't know what your getting into!" meaning of course being married to a Marine. What can we now say to Lance Cpl. Scott Zubowski's family?

What do you say, what CAN you say? Sorry most certainly is NOT enough for what this family has to endure now. Most of the Marine moms in our group, including me, responded to Ashley's heartfelt plea and told her that you really can't say anything that is going to make it better. You just have to be there and listen to the family and show your support with hugs if they need them. I know that I, for one, probably won't be able to say anything because everytime I try to say anything I will start crying too hard to speak. We just have to show them that we do care. It isn't enough ... but its all we can do.

Semper Fi and

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Thnks for your mention of Scott Zubowski. God bless his soul.
I cannot imagine what to say, either. The patriot in me wants to say, "Thank you for protecting my freedom." But I do not think that it would be adequate, either. My heart dropped to hear that we lost a Marine, and a fellow Hoosier.
as a member of the usaf and a distant brother in arms with your childeren and husbands i'd like for you all to know that i share your grievances and pride in your loved ones. thankyou for supporting the troops it means a lot.
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