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Monday, November 14, 2005

Not much time but as far as I know everything is cool with Eric.

One important note. For those of you that followed WarriorJason's blog from Ramadi, I don't know what happened to him or if he is okay but there is now a nasty link site where his site used to be. If you have a link to WarriorJason, you had better delete it unless you want to advocate porn.

If WarriorWife is around, please leave me an email so I can quit worrying about Jason. I pray he is safe.

Semper Fi.

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And please post her (Warrior's Wife) comments (or email them to me).
I found your blog through MSN spaces. If you're talking about Warrior Jason, his new blog is http://warriorjason.blogspot.com/

I began reading Tbone's War journal (linked to my blog) and found Warrior Jason. I hope this is the same person you are talking about so you don't have to worry anymore...

My husband is in Fallujah. I think he is working near the Marine you memorialized in your recent entry. My husband lost a friend there as well, CPT Tyler Swisher. The Marines have taken such losses, I pray for them all every single day.
God Bless
Didn't see your posts regarding Warriorsvoice old blog until today. I figured there'd be a few people worried/wondering what happended to him! As Monique said above, he's back online at warriorjason.blogspot.com.
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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