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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Once again I sit here with my heart breaking for the family of a Marine that we lost this morning from my son's company. His mother let us know a little bit ago that they received a visit from two Marines early this morning who told them that their son was now with the Lord (her words). She ended her email to us with "God is Semper Fi". Forever faithful. This is an amazing lady who had an amazing son. What a loss we have to endure now.

Now I also worry about how many others I may be hearing about since he died due to an IED (improvised explosive device). I pray that any that may have been hurt are doing well and that we lost no more, even though one is too many to lose. [Latest news is that there were several other Marines hurt in this incident. I continue to pray for them.]

This young man's mother is such a strong lady, I know she has spent a lot of time helping other moms in her area that lost their Marines. I sincerely hope those families are there for her and her family now. How do you help someone that you know but who lives 3000 miles away from you? I feel a little useless emailing and saying "Is there anything I can do?" , which I admit to doing before. But if there were anything I could do to help this family, I would in a heartbeat. Anyhow, I may not know what to do that would really help but I will write a tribute here for her son soon.

For now, my prayers are with Cpl. Joe Bier's family and his brother Marines that he left behind. I want to say Thank you to Joe as we all should ... we owe him a debt that we can never repay. For as the saying goes (although I am writing this from memory so forgive if it is not perfect), no greater gift can a man give than to give his life for another. Joe gave his life so that we might be free. For that, he is indeed, a hero that I will never forget.

Semper fidelas Corporal Joe Bier

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