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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sometimes I wonder how I am going to endure this another three or four months. Eric has reached the halfway mark or close to it as far as this deployment goes. But I still haven't gotten any call or letters from him for over six weeks now. That is making it harder for me because when I don't hear from him, I worry about his state of mind. I know though that they have been extremely busy and I still try to remember NNIGN. At least I can ask some of the other Marines moms if their sons have seen him and they tell me that he is fine. I did actually break down and tell them to tell their sons to tell mine to call me! Now .. if you understood that (the writing) you are doing better than me at the moment.

Then .. I think what am I complaining about. At least I know he is okay right now. We lost another Marine out of 3/7 Weapons Co a couple of days ago. He was so very young :( His name was LCpl. Samuel Tapia. It was his daughter's first birthday on the day he went to the Lord. He was 20 years old and married and had a daughter. He was from the Texas Valley. My prayers are with his family as they are with all of our Marines, especially the 3/7.

Remember our Marines over this holiday season. Remember that they and their families are suffering so that they might do good in the world and for our nation. What they are doing, they do for us all.

Bless Those Serving Our Land

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Miles away on a lonely post,
A soldier sits alone;
Dreaming back to days gone by,
Now, it's Christmas away from home.

Somewhere on an ocean blue,
A Sailor wipes a tear;
Duty calls, but still he yearns,
For the joy of bygone years.

And there among the ones who serve,
A woman thinks of home;
In service to her country,
This year, she is alone.

Away from friends and family,
The memories of home are clear;
When life was oh, so simple,
With loved ones gathered near.

Somewhere in a prison camp,
A heart cries out for home,
Where quiet desperation speaks...
"Did they leave me here alone?"

There in the lonely silence,
Soft and sweet and low;
A Christmas song begins to play,
And tears begin to flow.

For in the soft, sweet melody,
The memories start to stream;
Of, "I'll Be Home For Christmas,
If Only In My Dreams."

So, bless the sailor across the blue,
And the soldier who serves our land;
With Christmas dreams to fill their hearts,
Till they come home again.

Allison Chambers Coxsey

Semper Fidelis to you and Merry Christmas. Please show all your appreciation and love to your family and friends this holdiay season.

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