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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Talking about Battle Over Body Armor For US Troops

Okay .. seeing this video has almost made me sick. Why aren't our Marines being protected with EXISTING equipment when it IS available? Now this may have changed with the troops being sent over there recently because I did ask Eric if he needed any armor that we could buy for him before he went to Iraq and he said he was doing okay, that they [Marine Corps] had issued them armor that was sufficient to protect them. But ... I do know of Marine parents that DID go out and buy armor for their sons that wasn't provided.

I just hope that this has been rectified to a certain extent, as an American .. I want our troops to be protected as well as possible. Bear in mind that the commanders of the Marine Corps are pushing for more armor for our troops, its our government themselves that have made the desicion on how much armor to issue, not the Marine Corps. Shouldn't our government and politicians take to heart the recommendations of the experts in the Marine Corps? That has to be my biggest question.

I will ask Eric more about this when I talk to him and get his opinion on it.

In any case, click on the link to watch this video report .. and then draw your own conclusions.

Semper Fi and God Bless


Battle Over Body Armor For US Troops

Jan. 9: A secret Pentagon study finds over 80% of Marines killed in Iraq could have been saved with better body armor. Why aren't they getting it? Tonight MSNBC's Joe Scarborough digs into the issue with Brian Hart, father of a fallen soldier.

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hey tami, thanks for coming over to my new place.
I still am using the moniker - Druids Sleep, won't be getting rid of that anytime soon lol, plus i have more than one place too.

see you around tami, take care.
Sadly I can think of one major reason there might not be enough body armour. It is the same reason Mr. Rumsfekd has said he's planning to drop the level of some Guard Units. Money. Congress isn't giving them the money they need.
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