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Friday, February 24, 2006

Eric called me yesterday morning and he is so ready to come home. Even though he has told me time and again that he likes what he is doing in Iraq and feels that what they are doing is necessary, he is definitely missing the good old U.S. He did sound good, just like my happy-go-lucky boy that headed off to the Marine Corps a year and a half ago (gosh has it only been that long? it seems LONGER). I had to tell him about his grandpa's diagnosis though and he did take that hard. He knows that he needs to keep his grandpa in his prayers though and I think it was important to let him know that. I had debated NOT telling him till he got home but in the end, and listening to all the advice I could get from other Marine family members, I decided I should tell him now.

I will be posting the tributes to Cpl. Conley and 2nd Lt. Fitzgerald of the 3/7 here by tomorrow. I hope that you will honor these young men by saying a prayer (or just think of them and wish them well) for their families and friends.

Till then,

Semper Fi and God bless you all.

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