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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First off .. for those of you in the military that visit I want to send you a virtual Valentine. So click here and Happy Valentine's Day to our Soldiers!

Also click here and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone else too! I hope you get a smile out of my page there.

I know I have been missing lately on the blog-front but we are dealing with some issues in my family that have my attention and I am not sure when I will find the time to sit down and actually blog. I can't really cover those issues here until I have a chance to talk to Eric and explain some of them to him. He hasn't called and until he does, well, I may not blog a lot because what I want to write about, I can't till I talk to him.

But until I can write about that, I did want to pass on some links to info on recent issues that I have been following. I know the one to the Mudville Gazette is a bit old, but it's info that many may want to read.

OIFVet and the Vet March in April.

The Mudville Gazette, home of Milblog, info for Elio.
No Good Deed ...

Link to a great new organization dedicated to protecting the honor of our fallen heros. I joined today. Their (Our) mission is to block the sights and sounds of the nasty funeral protesters at the military funerals. That is one mission I am willing to undertake myself! Click the link below to the Patriot Guard!

I also wanted to send out a BIG thank you to BoomerBob from Boomer's World at MSN Spaces (you can visit him by clicking his name) for putting the Marine Corps flag on top of his 200 foot crane in California at his newest building project. He sent me pics today and I wanted to share them too. What a man!

Side View of the Crane

Looking out at the ocean.

View from the crane itself.

Wonderful pics Boomer! Thank you so much for honoring our Marines like this!
Semper Fi !!

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