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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I have sad news to report today. We lost two more fine young men out of the 3/7, Cpl. Matthew Conley was KIA instantly by an IED Saturday and 2nd Lt. Almar Fitzgerald of Lexington, SC, who was injured in the same attack was sent to Germany to await his family before they removed his life support and let him pass on. There were a few others injured by this incident, but as far as I know they are all recovering well and the injuries were not life-threatening.

My prayers are with all these families and Marines as we deal with the loss of two more of their brothers. It is especially hard to deal with now as I have a fairly close relationship with some of the mothers of young men that were with Cpl. Conley and 2nd Lt. Fitzgerald when this happened.

As the 3/7 nears the end of their tour in Iraq, we need to keep them in our prayers even more and pray that they maintain their diligence and abilities that keep them safe. I will be posting tributes to the two heros that we lost soon. Bear with me as I recently have been dealing with the fact that my father has been diagnosed with lung cancer and he is considered in frail health, thus preventing some of the treatments that could ensure he would survive this. I will talk more about that later, but for now, I am keeping the families of the Marines we lost in my prayers as well as their brothers who are grieving greatly for them even now.

Semper Fi and God Bless you all.

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