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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am an avid reader of Tucker Carlson's blog, Untied that is hosted by MSN.com. Now .. normally I get a little laugh for the absurd things that people do and Tucker, of course, ridicules them about. After reading a blog he posted on March 24th though I am most simply flabbergasted than anything else. I had to pass this one on .. what were these people thinking?!?!


Rescued peacemakers should show a little gratitude (Tucker Carlson)
excerpt of blog by Tucker Carlson (click linked title above to read whole story):

There was good news out of Iraq yesterday. US and British forces rescued three Western hostages from captivity outside Baghdad. The three men were Christian peace activists, two of them from Canada, the other from Great Britain. They'd been held for close to 100 days. A fourth man, an American, was murdered by insurgents before he could be rescued. ................. , in more than 700 words, there was not a single word of thanks - not one - for the American soldiers who carried out the rescue.

You go Tucker ... Semper fi and Oorah!


I also had to add this little link to a blog on Brutally Honest. Richard Belzer sticking his big foot in his big mouth. What are people thinking?!?!
"Does Richard Belzer Speak for the Left?"


Semper Fi and God bless, my son is almost back on American soil OOOORAHHHH!

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