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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just a quick note here for now. I am working on getting some actual information here for military families (mostly of course Marine families) so keep your eyes open for the new modules that will give you valuable links to places that you NEED to know about! As an example, for parents of Marine recruits in bootcamp (especially those in SD), an invaluable resource for you is Max Beerup whom has been a wonderful source of information for Marine parents for over 11 years. You can access his website here: USMC Graduation Information - San Diego. Now ... even if your recruit is at Parris Island, IF you have a question feel free to call Max. If he doesn't know the answer, believe me when I say he can tell you where to get it! I met him and his wonderful wife Dee at the Indiana Marine Parents conference in Pendleton, IN yesterday and they are wonderful people. BTW .. niether of them get paid for this. They do it just to help. Give them a OORAH!

Eric Update: The 3/7 are now all safely in Kuwait at a transition center OORAH AND SEMPER FI!! That of course, includes Eric. You can NOT begin to imagine the sense of relief I am feeling unless you happen to be one of the family members of another Marine that has been deployed in a dangerous area. Even though they are not exactly home yet, they are much safer than they were this time next week. As soon as I know all the 3/7 are home I will let you know. Troops movements are not something I am going to post here UNTIL they are completed so even though I have a good idea of when they are coming back to the states, until they are actually here I am not going to tell you hehe (see OPSEC rules, never post troop movements anywhere until they are completed).

On a sad note in my life, my finace's father is not doing well at all. Please add Don and his family to your prayers if you can. He had heart surgery about two weeks ago and has been having ongoing problems since. Now his kidneys are shutting down and for some reason they cannot put him on dialysis. The immediate family members were called to his side in Indianapolis so my finace and his sister are on their way there now (its about a two hour drive). I couldn't go because they were not sure how long they are going to have to stay at Indy but his mother, brother and sisters are all there and that is right.

Semper Fi and God bless you all.

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