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Friday, April 28, 2006

Just wanted to put a quick note on here thanking everyone for your kind words and prayers. They are all very much appreciated. If anyone left a comment that I didn't respond to .. please forgive me! I do appreciate all of YOU!

I do try to visit and respond to everyone that comments here. If I have missed you for some reason, PLEASE return and comment again! One thing I really wish they would do here at Spaces (are you listening MSN?!?!) is give us an option page to just see COMMENTS. Since they only show you the last 4-5 comments you have to go back to each individual blog to read comments to them if there are more than 4 or 5. Unfortunately for me, living in the true boonies as I do, I only have DIAL-UP access to the internet () . It makes blog surfing to read comments past the last 4-5 very hard. I can't get the local wireless access because I am like 5 miles too far from the dishes, I can't get DSL because the phone lines are not good enough, and of course they don't provide cable out where I am at! I am not willing to pay the outrageous cost of satelitte internet access (which isn't much better than standard dial-up) when I HOPE that within the next year the county I live is promising to provide county-wide WIFI (please please please).

Enough with my problems there.

I did want to let everyone know that I added a couple of new lists on my MSN Spaces edition of this blog (lots more graphics and info there). You can access it by clicking the link to the right on this page or go to http://spaces.msn.com/faefyre/ . If you look up at the top left there, there is one called special requests. At the top of that list now is a request for Ben. Please fellow bloggers .. pass the page address on and let's get Ben and his family some much needed help. Thank you in advance for that too!

The second new list is in the righthand column and I am going to be adding many helpful links there for Marine families and their Marines. Since the Marine Corps and the sites pertaining to the Corps are what I know .. that is what I will post there. Especially for the parents of new recruits, some of the information there is VITAL to know. Please check it out. And ... if you run across a good site, don't be afraid to let me know about it! Networking is the backbone of how Marine families survive!

Thank you all and Semper Fi.

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