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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nothing says your Marine is Home quite like PICTURES!
Dee (the mom of Nate,
the shorter guy in
the sunglasses )
sent me the first photos
I have seen of Eric in
over 8 months!
Thank you Dee!
Of course, I had to
share them.
These guys are
sooooo handsome.
Not that I am prejudiced
or anything though hehe.
I am glad to see them
looking so healthy too!!

Eric (left), Nate (right) and another friend from the 3/7 in the middle.

This is another photo that I felt compelled to share here of homecoming (another Lima Co Marine). One of the Dandelion Sisters (parents of 3/7 Marines) sent this to me. This young Marine became a daddy while he was in Iraq. This is the first time he has ever seen his little son. Can you say "Proud Daddy?" Isn't this just the most precious picture, it made me shed a few tears I can tell you that ! Big tough handsome Marine with a very soft heart for his baby.

First Meeting of a 3/7 Marine and his son

Update on BEN (3/7 Weapons Plt.): Ben (the young Marine that was hit by a car) continues to improve slowly but surely. They don't know the extent of any brain damage yet but they are saying he is young and strong and will continue to get better. Prayers seem to working for him.

Semper Fi and God bless our soldiers.

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