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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Only a few more days till I get to see Eric!! Unfortunately he waited till about last Thursday to tell me he had not gotten his ticket yet and that he needed me to get it because he doesn't have a bank card! Not a problem if he had asked me to that on the SUNDAY before! But since flights were so limited for him to come home by the time he asked me to do this, the flight I could get him doesn't leave the airport till 3 in the afternoon which puts him at our airport at almost 1am. He is going have to wile away the afternoon in the USO I guess (all his friends have flights out in the morning)!

I literally can't wait to see him and be able to put my arms around him! I know I will be bawling and I do so hate to cry hehe but I guess its a good reason.

I will get some pics up tonight of Eric and my daughter-in-law DeeDee and their wild trip to Hollywood last weekend before DeeDee came back home to Indiana. I think she likes California too much!

I wanted to keep everyone who has said a prayer for Ben (our 3/7 Marine that was hit by a car the day of homecoming) informed about his progress also here. His prognosis isn't very good at the moment. They do think he has brain damage from the lack of oxygen to his brain in the hours just following his accident. His mother is dealing with each day as it comes, ups and downs.

We are all hoping for the best though, miracles do happen. As far as I know Ben hasn't actually woken up yet but he is making some movements that seem to be purposeful. Keep him in your prayers if you can and thank you.

Semper Fi and God bless you all.

My question of the week is ... What is the world coming to?!?!

Teacher Makes 5-Year-Old Apologize For Hugging

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UPDATED: 1:08 pm EDT April 7, 2006

MAYNARD, Mass. -- A Massachusetts family is outraged after their 5-year-old daughter was forced to write a letter denouncing hugging after a classmate embraced her.

Brenda Brier and Michael Marino pulled their daughter, Savannah, out of school early Wednesday. The couple was angry after a meeting with officials at the Greenmeadow Elementary School in Maynard, Mass., where Savannah is in kindergarten. Click here for the rest of the story.

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