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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In honor of our men and women serving in the Armed Forces, I want to pass on the link to a beautiful and touching tribute done for our servicemen and women.

May you all honor and pray for our troops and our fallen heroes during this Memorial Day weekend.

Click here to view "The Amercian Flame".

And may God be with all our Armed Forces and bless us all.

Semper Fi.

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Love the video presentation! It is very well done. Thanks for honoring our warriors, Marine Mom.

Check out Griz's Memorial Truck piece dated May 21st. You will love it! The article by Cpl. Sloan is found in the Marine Corps News, but I couldn't pull up any pictures with it.

Check out the comments, too, 'cause I mentioned YOU. Have a nice Memorial Day.
I am a wife of a former Marine. He is out now but the Corps is in his blood forever. I'm glad you've started this blog. I looked at it briefly but I liked what I saw. I've got a blog just full of random posts http://Adirondackmind.blogspot.com I'd like to feature stories from military familys. It's a good idea to get everyone's spin. It is just a fledgling blog right now. Feel free to check it out and comment.
Great video link - thanks for passing it along :)
Hope you are doing well. It's been a week since you posted, so I wanted to check in on you. You and Rick remain in my prayers :-)
Thanks for your kind words on the VanRyn site.
We have additional info and pictures at http://tinyurl.com/nfmpp
God bless……..
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