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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I had to take a tranqualizer for the first time since Eric got home from his recent deployment this morning. I still have the first bottle that the doctor gave me when Eric was still in the first few months of his deployment so that tells you that I didn't take many of them. Just enough to take the edge off the stress of worrying about your son and all the other Marines you have come to think of as family.

My heart goes out to the families of the missing, now found to be KIA, soldiers. I have been grieving with them and will for some time. I can't get the image of their last days out of my head. I pray for peace and ease of mind for their families. I know it will take time but I hope they find it.

You all know that I TRY so hard to be positive here and just do what I feel needs to be done which is SUPPORT THE TROOPS. I hope you also realize that I do NOT neccesarily support the politicians that have sent our sons and daughters into what I see as a fruitless situation in Iraq. I feel heartbroken for the normal Iraqi citizen that has to deal with the mess their country has been and become over the last few years. But it's THEIR mess and they need to deal with it. It is their sons that are joining the insurgents and their teachings that have caused the country to become a little bit of hell on earth. If that doesn't change Iraq will never see peace. But our young men and women should not be dying for it.

We need to get our soldiers home and let Iraq work this our for themselves, but that is just my opinion. I am still SO PROUD of our soldiers and what they are willing to do to for us. They only have to follow orders .. but they know that they are putting their lives on the line when they do every day they serve the military and our country. I am so disapointed in our present government though. In a way .. we are as crippled as the Iraqis right now. But I refuse to bring more of that here than what I have just said. Please forgive my lapse, I have grieving to do for our latest loss in this overdrawn war.

Semper Fi and God bless you all.

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Marine Mom - I have a different opinion about the war, but I join you in grieving with these families. No parent wants to see his/her child die; no spouse, no sibling, no child wants to lose the person(s) they love - especially not the way these brave warriors died. My heart breaks for these fallen warriors and their families.

I, too, am proud of our military personnel and pray for their safe return. May God bless them in their continuing efforts to assist the Iraqi's in building a self-sustaining national army, and may He bring our folks home soon!
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