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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I have some info posted below that I have been sitting on (in a draft) for almost a week. Figured I had better get it out there for you. I am really finding it hard to get here and blog during the summer! Its just that I am a major outside-type person and I have way too much to do while the weather is good!

Eric called me and told me some about the Marine Corps Ball he attended last week (29 Palms had one for the 3/7 in Nevada last week since they were deployed during the real one) . I hope to have some pics soon to post. Of course Eric says that he looks wonderful in his dress blues! He's funny, he said that even though they are uncomfortable he likes wearing them because of how good he looks LOL. I have never seen him in them yet, he promised to bring them home with him on his next leave and wear them when he takes us all out to a fancy resturant for dinner! My, but my little boy has sure grown up!

Anyway .. will try to get more here later for you all. Thanks for being loyal and stopping in to visit me! I am trying to get out and keep up with my blogging friends but bear with me while I take care of the summer stuff!

Semper Fi and God Bless you all.


God Bless the Ones at War
Dedicated to the many soldiers serving on the battlefield
By: Norma E. Wright, Copyright 2004,

As I turned on my radio, then watched the evening news,
I saw the wars and battlefields, the bloodshed and the truth.

The men and women, uniformed, and armed to fight a war,
So men and women just like us can walk through freedom's door.

For we are in a war to fight for those who are enslaved,
And freedom is not free unless a battle has been waged.

Our Founding Fathers fought the fight to free this mighty land,
And give us peace that only comes from God's Almighty hand.

The ones upon the battlefield who take surprise attacks,
Are still the ones protecting us, who daily have our backs.

For we would not be here today without the fearless ones,
Who fly the planes and guard the ships and shoot the dusty guns.

Each time I see the front page of the daily morning news,
I am reminded once again that war reveals the truth.

For truth is every time you see a wounded soldier's arm,
Who took a bullet just to keep this country safe from harm.

And truth is every time you hear a mother shedding tears,
Who's praying for she hasn't seen her soldier in a year.

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear when work consumes our lives,
But sometimes when a soldier works, a soldier bravely dies.

They die to give us freedom for we won't be like the others,
Who grow up in a world of fear and hating one another.

So when I see the camouflage or pass an army base,
Or hear a plane fly overhead or see a soldier's face.

I am reminded once again of why I have a choice,
And why a blessed American can have a vote or voice.

It's all because of soldiers who will not give up the fight,
The warriors who are fighting through the long and sleepy nights.

Be thankful where you live today, to walk through freedom's door,
And say a prayer for soldiers now - God bless the ones at war.



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If you pay close attention to the media firestorm over the incident in Haditha, you’ll discover constant references to the war in Vietnam in general and My Lai in particular.

That’s no accident. The crazed American left in and out of the media is trying to accomplish in Iraq what they accomplished in Vietnam – a shameful American defeat wrested from the jaws of victory.

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Hijacking Haditha

Few people know what happened last November in Haditha. I first heard about it when the Associated Press called to ask if I was present. The answer was “no.” But I do know how our troops typically act on counterinsurgency missions, how surprisingly honest they can be about mistakes they make in the field, and the lengths to which they go to avoid collateral civilian injuries when on patrol and conducting raids and ambushes. I also know about being on the business end of an accusatory finger, after having been wrongly accused of murder. (http://www.michaelyon-online.com/wp/danger-close-chapter-one.htm) ............

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Glad Eric enjoyed the Ball. I'll bet he IS a handsome devil!

That's sweet that the Corps put on a separate Ball for the guys who missed it while deployed on our behalf.

I'll come back to read the poems, etc. GTG as my son is waiting for his turn on the PC.

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