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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sigh .. work work work and more work. I kind of feel like a Marine myself lately!

My tattoo has healed up well ... and yes the tattoo pic a few blogs down is on my right calf! I told Eric that when he got one that I would too. He now has two and is working on his third ... think I will probably stop at one. Although, I hear that tattooing yourself is addicting!

My prayers are going out right now to the Camp Pendleton 8, anyone who is, in any way, connected with the Marine Corps knows exactly who I am talking about. I am getting a lot of info on these unfortunate casualties of the war within Iraq and I hope to get some valid links to websites that tell THEIR side of the story as well as their mistreatment here after they were taken to be interrogated by NCIS and whoever else wants their story. This whole thing scares me even more because I am pretty sure that the 3/7 WILL be redeployed to Iraq and it sounds like the government, both here and in Iraq are trying to make sure that they can no longer defend themselves without fear of prosecution. Any hesitation from our Marines and more than likely they will be dead Marines. I do NOT want to see any more of that happen than already has.

Another thing that really irks me is that the Iraqi government has freely given full pardon to any Iraqi or insurgent from the unlawful killing of Americans (of course this is if they will stop fighting) and yet they are requiring us to turn on our own soldiers. I am deeply saddened by this whole thing.

I am sure this is confusing to those of you that do not know who the CP8 are. For now I will leave you with a few websites that I know are done for their defense AND to tell you some of their story. What we, as a country, are doing to these young men is indefensible in my opinion. How can we expect soldiers to continue to follow orders blindly if THEY and not the commanders are the ones that receive the fall-out?

Fighting for Tyler http://www.fightingfortyler.com/

Defense Fund for My Hero http://www.defensefundformyhero.com/

Patriot Defense Fund http://patriotdefensefund.com/

PFC Jodka's Defense http://innocentmarine.com/

CP8 .. you and your families will remain in my prayers.

Semper Fi and God bless you all.

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Two more sites are:



I was unable to find sites for


Glad to see you posted this, I read an article that says Marine support groups are shying away from getting involved in any way with this case, so it looks like it will be left up to the families, and to individuals, to provide any support.
Via Bear Creek Ledger

found a site for Jerry Shumate

If you come across a site for Sgt Lawrence Hutchins, please drop me a line. I have 7 of the 8 posted as well.

All the media BS is having it's effect on our Marine's currently in Iraq. They are feeling the backlash and some are even jumping on the bandwagon and investigation incidents that should never bee investigated. It is very sad indeed.

They are all in my prayers.
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