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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sorry no blogs lately. Made a 400 mile round trip to Michigan over the weekend on the Harley and found out that I need a cruise control if my hand is going to make it through long trips! Otherwise the trip was good for riding (just really HOT).

Other news is that Ben Hardgrove is improving daily!! You can still read updates about him at Caring Bridge.Org, his mom updates that info regualrly . Visit LCpl Ben Hardgrove by clicking here.

Eric bought a car when he got back to base. Good thing ... now he doesn't have to worry about getting a ride when he comes home to visit ... just how much it is going to cost him to park his car! Sounds like he got a great deal on a nice car, not new but well cared for. That's my boy ... a smart shopper!

My father (who was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer a few months ago) now has to go on dialysis because the radiation treatments pretty much destroyed what was left of his kidney function. If you have been saying a prayer for him, please keep doing so. His prognosis is not real good at the present time and we believe that the toxins building up in his body from the lack of kidney function has affected his mental state. Hopefully once he actually starts the dialysis his mental status will improve and he will feel better.

Well .. lots of work to do for me ... I will try to actually start writing some here soon. I want to approach the problems some of our young Marines are having with their return from Iraq. Its an important issue relating to PTSD and most military families have to deal with a least a little bit of that if they have spent time actively deployed. Till then ...

God Bless you and Semper Fi.

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