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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Its been what seems to be a too short summer for me. Eric is somewhere in the mountains in CA as we speak learning to deal with mountainous terrain as they have 'war games' with another company (or platoon, not sure, I just know they are trying to one-up each other out there). I know he was looking forward to this. He gets bored just sticking around base and training. He is more of the 'up and at 'em' type than I would like sometimes. I do know that he will be deployed again sometime in the spring. At least over the holidays this year we should have his sorely missed, joyful presence at home! Looking forward to seeing him again. Its been way too long.

Here's a cute little story I thought I would share:

Talking about 'Flat daddy' helps soldier's family cope

Awwww.... this is just too sad :( even though it does seem to be helping this family. I had to share this.

Semper Fi and God Bless.

'Flat daddy' helps soldier's family cope

Aug. 31: Bethanie Mazzaro and her daughter Savannah talk to MSNBC-TV's Alex Witt about their "flat daddy," Sgt. Scott Poulin, and about the flat daddy/flat mommy program that was started to help soldiers' families cope with missing their loved ones.

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I am so glad you will get to see your "baby" over the holidays this year! I remember the stories from his last deployment, and I praise God for bringing Eric home safely. Your son is just the kind of young man we need in the USMC. May God see fit to bless him with continued safety. Hugs.
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