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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I am up to entry 155 (well here its entry 111, 155 on MSN Spaces though) even though I have neglected this blog for some time. I can just about guarantee that I will be blogging here more regularly over the next few months. Eric is due out for another depoyment way too soon for me and it is already breaking my heart. Now, not only do I have him to worry about, I have his new wife, whom I also love dearly to worry about as well. She will more than likely be having surgery to remove a shunt from her brain in June. Eric wanted her to have it done while he was here but since they moved up their deployment things didn't work out that way. At least her parents and family will be with her through this. Since she is having the surgery in California I doubt very much that I can be there to help her but my prayers will definitely be with her.

Nooner from Nooner's Comedy Blog who happens to be one of my oldest blog-friends in MSN spaces (okay Nooner ... I didn't mean YOU were old hehe) left a very special comment for me in the last entry. His nephew, who is currently serving in Iraq was recently home on leave for a week and is now returning to serve out the rest of his tour of duty. Unfortunately, his tour has been extended and he will be away from his family for even longer than they expected. This is happening to more and more of our soldiers when the tours they were already serving were placing hardship and stress on their families. Please remember to keep our soldiers AND the families they have to leave behind in your prayers. One of these days I may have to blog on the stress of having a military husband/father during wartime. I think I am going to have a lot more insight into that since Patty is already experiencing the increased stress that our military wives go through and I am one of the people she feels she can talk to about it.

I attended our Indiana Marine Parents conference that is held yearly at Pendleton, IN and I want to pass on some important information that I learned there in my next blog. It will take me a while to write it up as it deserves to be written though so give me a little time. One very important thing is that I got to talk to LCpl Klay South who has started a non-profit organization called Veterans of Valor. The website is still under construction at the present time (4/17/2007) but should be up and running soon. Klay was wounded two years ago during his second tour to Iraq and has spent the time since he was shipped home recuperating. He knows what it is like to be wounded and sent home with nothing but the gown on your back. His mission is now to make sure that every one of our soldiers coming home wounded is given a backpack that contains clothing (sweats) and entertainment items as well as necessities. This is a new organization but it is coming along nicely and I will feature more information about it in the upcoming blog. I am going to make a special request of bloggers then that you get this info to as many as you can. Its one way to help our soldiers!

I promise, I will be back soon!

Semper Fi and God bless.

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