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Thursday, August 09, 2007

First of all Patty is doing well as is Eric who is still in Iraq. Patty still has some healing to do and her memory is a still a bit fuzzy at times (getting better everyday) but the main reason for the surgery seems to have been a complete success. Her brain is processing the fluid correctly so she no longer needs the shunt she has lived with all her life. Keep the prayers coming though for both of them! And thank you for that!

Secondly, 32 years ago today I had a miraculous thing happen to me. I found out I could love another human being with all my heart when my oldest son was born to me (yeah ... I can't believe I have a 32 y/o son either!). Now he is grown and married to a great girl. And working at becoming a professional writer of the fantasy/scfi genre! He regularly posts excerpts from his writings as well as short stories on his myspace blog (which is open to read by anyone). If he will let me I want to publish one of his short stories here. We'll see.

Give him a BIG birthday present and head over here (copy and paste the link below in your browser if it doesn't take you there by clicking on it):


and read his great writings. One of these days he will be famous, I guarantee it!

Happy birthday and know that I love you Jason!

Semper fi and God bless our troops and all of you.

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