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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Update on Patty: She's doing good. Took some furniture and Eric's car (it was being worked on) to their house on base yesterday so she will have some furniture there when she moves there later this month. She is still slowly improving from her short-term memory loss but she still isn't back to par yet. Hopefully in the next month things will get a lot better for her so she can move over there soon.

Hope everyone is having a great day today. Mine is busy like it has been a lot lately but I did want to pass on new information about 'Veterans of Valor'. I talked about this some after meeting the young Marine who was severely wounded in Iraq, Cpl Klay South. He started it a few months ago and finally got some new info to post on it from his mother, Janet.

So below you will find the info and links that I received in an email from his mother.

Dear Friends,

As you know, Klay has started a not for profit called
Veterans of Valor. The mission of VoV is to assist the combat wounded who have 6 months or more of recovery. VoV provides live wire backpacks that can be attached to a wheelchair or conveniently carried. The value of the live wire feature is the ease of operating the ipod design for user friendly easy touch on the straps of the backpack…a great advantage to sight impairment, wounded limbs, or missing limbs. Each back pack also comes with a PSP to occupy the mind during long recovery hours between treatment, therapy, and surgeries. Breakaway pants are a welcome addition as leg wounds are common and clothing is a challenge for the wounded legs. Veterans of Valor has several other needed benefits to the combat wounded as well and is unlike other organizations.

Veterans of Valor does not fund salaries so the commitment is purely from the heart. The recipients reap the benefit of all the dedicated volunteer board members and help.

Klay’s determination to keep Veterans of Valor funded and active was planned with the long term in mind. Klay decided he needed a company to fund VoV as well as donors.
Operation Care Package 247 (www.operationcarepackage247.com) was launched by Klay as well. OCP247 will be live and ready to use in just a few short days. Operation Care Package 247 offers the best care packages available and from someone who has been there and stays connected with those who are actively serving. OCP247 has the convenience of shopping while supporting those who have greatly sacrificed. Other care package sites may have good intentions or even be a not for profit…however, Operation Care Package 247 www.operationcarepackage247.com is the only web site owned and founded by a wounded veteran AND is committed to supporting our wounded Heroes. I urge you to consider purchasing care packages from http://www.operationcarepackage247.com/ when it goes live in the next few days. Please pass the web site onto others.

You will find the prices competitive, products comprehensive, and the very best selection with name brand products.

I will send out an email when it goes live and ready to order.

Warmest Regards,

Janet South
Event Media Coordinator

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hey Marine Mom good to see your blogging again take care I look foward to the new blogs barton
Dear Marine Mom: I hope you'll strongly support the congressional campaign effort of Lt. Col. William T. Russell against John Murtha in PA's 12th District. Russell needs your support. You can find Russell's web site at: http://williamrussellforcongress.com.

If every Marine offers even a ten-dollar contribution to Russell, he will win this race. His campaign manager is Larry Stiles (USMC, VietNam era). I write almost daily about the Russell Campaign, emphasizing the strategy and tactics that will lead to victory. I invite you to visit as often as you'd like at: http://stevemaloneygop.blogspot.com.

You can sign up for "Bloggers 4 Russell" either by leaving me a commnet on my site or by e-mailing me at TalkTop65@aol.com. Many Marines are involved in this effort (and many Army types). Please join our effort. God belss and good luck.

steve maloney
Hi there! Love your site!
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