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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Okay - normally I would cut and paste my posts here from my Spaces blog but I kind of got out of the habit doing that (much to my chagrin).

Going to try to start doing it again.

A lot has happened in my life since October (my last post here). Eric got back safely from Iraq in November the day before Thanksgiving. So MUCH to be thankful for there. His battalion came back with all the people that went with him thank you God!!!

He and Patty came to visit over the holidays. They were here for Christmas and New Year's - yay! I had moved into my boyfriends house about a month before that thinking he was truly my 'soulmate'. Well - things went okay there till he started trying to control everything I did around the house. And if I didn't do things the way he wanted - well let's just say things got unpleasant.

About this time Eric and Patty told me good news. They are going to make me a grandma! That's my Marine hehe! Patty is happily pregnant and due about the middle of September. 'Nugget' (as we have been calling the baby) is healthy and growing fast too. The 7th of May Patty has another ultrasound and we will hopefully find out Nugget's sex. Eric and I both are betting on boy hehe. Boy or girl though we will be equally happy as long as Nugget is healthy. I think Patty wants a girl first (well Patty LOVES pink) but she is thinking that Eric and I may be right.

I think the fact that Eric is about to become a father for the first made a major difference in his desicion not to re-enlist in the Marine Corps in October 2008. So for now - the plan is that Eric and Patty are coming here to make their home in Oct and staying with me for a few months. I am looking forward to it.

So - I am about to be a grandma - and I now live alone again since the relationship with my EX-boyfriend degenerated rapidly when he realized that he couldn't control me the way he controls his daughters. Now bear in mind that I never did anything actually wrong - just wrong in his eyes. I would get yelled at for really stupid stuff. Like if I wanted to let the dishes soak in the sink for a couple of hours. And he was mean to my dog. I think when I told him I was moving out he was really mad because he decided I loved my dog more than I loved him LOL. By that time - it was probably true!!

In any case I am happily living alone with my dog in a house big enough to let Eric, Patty and Nugget stay with me for the winter at least when they come home this fall.

Thanks about it for me. But I will post my last post on Spaces here and start mirroring what I write there again for my blogger friends. Its a good idea to double up your posts anyway - in a way I don't trust Spaces not to lose everything I write!!!

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